RELEASE DATE: 15/05/2020

Hold My Breath is a new track by Caim, a talanted Saint Petersburg producer famous with his last year work – Stay Bright / What You Need. This time, inspired by sentimentality of his favoriteSpectraSoul, Vitaly made us an extremely emotional track. Measured rhythm section in base of which there is a modernized old hip-hop break that sounds like present-day Drum & Bass – it supports groove and stresses dynamic. And yes, Caim is a producer who has his own special creativity towards drums-making! Filled with metamorphoses, the track vibe tightly keeps us with no intention of letting anyone go. Remarkable that Caim has made a great work on vocals again. In the breakdown track can be seen from another sight, demonstrating the old school vibes passages. In the second part track unfolds completely, attracting with its sublime electronic riffs. And that’s not all! The original mix is greatly supplemented with vibable and swift remix with strict sound – it is from Chillhomers. And also with a forceful remix with bitter mid-bass by the mastodon of Russian Drum & Bass – Krot.