Beatport exclusive: 12/07/2019
Full release: 26/07/2019

Since Aphrodite’s cult LP in 1999, right through to the ‘High Society’ album from High Contrast in 2004, Andrei Knyrik has poured over the chronicles of drum & bass since he first discovered his love for the genre. Known through his stage name Chillhomers, his love for jungle and drum & bass soon resulted in him releasing his own strain of releases, with his early influencers helping to define his style. Committing himself to the realms of Liquid Funk, he merges an array of talents to deliver a signature which has been lauded by many tastemakers globally.

Carved over four months, his forthcoming EP on Live History Records titled ‘Katerina’ demonstrates his ability to crossover drum & bass into the mainstream. Consisting of three brand new, standalone tracks and a rework of Gregory Doveman’s ‘Got Me Up’, it’s a release which has already received attention from tastemakers and on first listen it’s easy to see why.

The story of the release is a sentimental one; during its process, Andrei met Katrina, who inspired him to make the remaining three tracks, meaning the title-track was entirely devoted to her. On listening to its tinkling piano notes, flowing melodies and pitching synthesis, it’s easy to feel the emotion behind the record. The remix of ‘Got Me Up’ comes next, with Chillhomers taking on the original through his own lens. Taken from the participant of ‘The Voice’ in Russia, Gregory Doveman, the cut has already gained international attention. Whilst the vocal of Gregory is processed through the commercial style, it still funnels a dancing energy and sets the tone for the remaining tracks.

‘Disco’ comes next and it thrives with jazzy instrumentals and drum programming, taking you deep into its heart through jaunty hooks with an old-school feel. Then finally, you’re introduced to ‘Good Time Tonight’, which allows you to leave the package on a high note, one underpinned by a toe tapping bassline and rolling drum sequences, the type which move you through right to the record’s heart. It finishes a collection which may be your first insight into Chillhomers, although it certainly won’t be the last, especially for those who like their drum & bass of the highest quality.