RELEASE DATE: 11/09/2020

The Live History resident and undoubtedly one of our great hopes, Andrew Chillhomers, has prepared something very interesting for us this time.

Tell Me. The title track of this release of the same name, in the sound of which Andrew’s transition to a new level is laid. The track contains the main distinctive features of Chillhomers: funky wah guitar, vibe liquid pads, soulful soul vocals. However, the producer also demonstrates his other side, infiltrating the composition with a rather ominous mid reese bass, as well as seasoning it with the classic sound of amen break, which Andrew very skillfully crumbled and overlaid with punchy snares and deep kicks! In his new work, Andrey is increasingly moving away from his inherent liquid funk sound, getting into the dark! But that’s not all!

Alexey Command Strange is shaking Live History Records again with his mind-blowing and armor-piercing work! This time it is a remix of Tell Me by Chillhomers, and he literally knocks off his feet with his boundless energy! The rollerball turned out to be as danceable and catchy as possible, having
absorbed the entire arsenal of the maestro of broken rhythms: high-quality and modern production, punch drums, extraordinary arrangement, deepest groove.

Everything is a light summer liquid-tune inspired by the early work of Roni Size on V, with numerous references to traditional jazz, funk and gospel tunes. A rolling piece with a tight and fast rhythm, and of course this pleasant liquid portamento bass.