RELEASE DATE 13/12/2021


The gray sky was leaden. The raindrops were hitting through like buckshot. Falling down onto the heads they seemed to pierce right through. The narrow, deserted street heavily littered and full of crumpled remains of cars matched the gray and bleak weather. Anyone would feel even a little sorry for these soulless wrecks of charred and mutilated cars. It must be scary and sad to spend the rest of your time in such a place …
What a strange place they’ve chosen for the meeting, very strange …
Dude! It’s just a bomb! You have never seen anything like this! Moreover, You’ve never heard of it! The voice of my informant was trembling, mixed with intermittent groans it was rushing into my head through the telephone receiver.

We have to get it first! You see? First! If someone picks them up before us, it will be a disaster!

Wait, wait, wait. – I began to calm him down. – What kind of product? What is the value?

There was a pause. Seems like he was choosing his words.
How can I explain it to you … This is a weapon. More precisely – a prototype of a new weapon, cyber weapon, have you heard of it?
A little.
So, buddy. A team of young professionals deep underground has invented an audio weapon that has a tremendous effect on listeners. It increases working efficiency by 300 percent. Also, attention, reaction, speed of thought are within the same range. Can you imagine what you can do with it?
What is it? Can you give me a little more detail? I asked.
No details yet. I only know about the code name – Anxiety.

The informant is a reliable guy, we have done a lot of business with him. And if he says that we must take, then we must take it.
I’ll make an appointment just let me think about a good location. Can you hear? – I asked.
No, they will choose the place themselves …
That’s how I ended up on this gloomy street. Waiting for the unknown in the pouring rain
In the distance, almost at the very end of the street, a silhouette appeared. He was approaching with incredible speed. There was a feeling that he was not walking, but hovering above the ground. I didn’t even have time to figure out how he ended up beside me.
Mr. Xorgen?
Yes – I replied
His face was hidden behind a thick mask, the man himself was wrapped in a rubber-covered raincoat.

You must be waiting for me.
Maybe. – I couldn’t see his eyes, but with all my gut I could sense how he was glaring at me. I saw wires running to his ears – he was wearing headphones. I could hear the sound of quite a clear rhythm, I could not make out more. But even that rhythm made its way through the wall of rain.
Not “maybe”, but “definitely” for me – the stranger corrected me – So, let’s get down to business. – He handed me a flash drive. – Mister Xorgen, here is our product. Please note that you can listen to it only once. After that, the file will self-delete. Attempts to copy before listening will also lead to fatal consequences. We will contact you in 24 hours. Good luck.
He disappeared exactly as quickly as he appeared -like lightning, almost imperceptibly.

Amen Jazz

The speedometer needle is almost down. The highway under the wheels of a 1964 Mustang is like a runway, it seems, it’s getting lost under the feet. After all, Lee Jacokk is great with these “hippos”.
Flinging off pursuers, especially knowing that there is 55 million cash in the trunk of the car, it’s hard not to do something stupid. Thoughts cannot be compiled, no matter how hard you try. In some part of my mind, I am already lying on the Cote d’Azur, sipping excellent bourbon, forgetting about any problems. Another part of my mind stubbornly reminds me that there are 6 crews of Johnny Laws and a helicopter on the tail. Yes, and an exit wound in the shoulder does not let me relax. In moments like this pain works as anesthesia.
From the loudspeaker of my “hippo”, Amen Jazz covers with a smooth and dense wave. Yes-ah-ah-ah … The guy is not bad, just like me, he can make some noise. Music combined with pain keeps me from fainting. Hold on, boy, hold on. You and I will still dash it out to these beats,
The gas pedal is pushed to the floor, the smell of burnt rubber, sweat, blood, money, and the sounds of this music give some extra energy. I can’t hear the howling of sirens. Only the heartbeat and the rhythm from the speakers/

Anxiety (Distant Future Remix)

The Darkness has no preferences … It equally indifferently penetrates the depths of the consciousness of any creature, carrying fear and despair. Only a few can cope with it. The rest let it go inside, giving up all their essence to be torn apart. Darkness becomes their companion forever, regularly reminding of itself. Cold needles of fear are pricking my back. Paranoia, like a viscous mass, fills the emptiness that has been consumed by darkness …
The pulse beats with heavy pressure in the temples.

There are no thoughts … Only fear and panic. Anixeti is the voice of darkness, expressed in musical terms. Listen to this – feel the full weight of hopelessness.