RELEASE DATE 07/05/2021

«Tobacco and wine»: St. Petersburg’s bass producer Intervent hits us with a brand new take on one of the most iconic songs written by the famous Moscow songwriter, record producer and The Voice show participant, Egor Sesarev. Inspired by the transcendent romance and the nostalgic vibe of the artist’s music video, Intervent immediately got the remix idea, as he switched the pace up to 174 bpm.

Intervent was deadly confident that the spirit within Egor’s vocals is perfectly suitable for creating an atmospheric, authentic piece of liquid deep drum n bass. Track represents a canonical dance music structure: melodic and dynamic verses are followed by short vocal hooks on the choruses. Despite the lightness of the “Tobacco and wine” and the presence of classical liquid elements, it remains dynamics and energy, which is necessary on dance floors.

According to the artist, it was important for him to leave all the melancholy on the verses, and on the choruses emphasize the singer’s high vocals with confident Reese bass with various additions and modulations.The track ends with a half-time part, reaching its emotional climax. Intervent wanted to express the beauty and flexibility of vocal drum & bass music on this «Live History Records» release.