RELEASE DATE 09/10/2020

Kool Is Back, Think, Hot Pants, Amen, 808 bass — if you are familiar with these terms you may consider yourself as a true-junglist.

So, on this anniversary release numbered 50 we slow down to 155-165 bpm… In order to return in early 90s again…

Meet our new artist, sci-fi fan, old school dreamer, who is also a talented producer Denis Meanone! His debut release on Live History named “Easy Come, Easy Go” includes 4 really lamp tracks with strictly directed old school sound in the best tradition of calm jungle.
Meanone’s music is a place where space is mixed with rain rave…

The main tune is Easy Come, Easy Go is wide and deep composition with vibe bass and growls of breaks where vocal literally gets back to sentimental jungle-tracks with Diane Charlemagne’s voice.

Gradients is a haste less atmospheric-jungle tune created under the influence of Good Looking Records. Clear zero gravity and tranquillity entangled with stardust.

A sensual ode to serenity and calmness — Money, Sky and Cars — being in some sense a direct reference to the Goldie’s sound from his Timeless (1995), we can also clearly hear the influence of Peshay – The Piano Tune (1995) too!

The final b-side track Sound Hound is a more stubborn and aggressive composition of this EP, its “dark horse”, though saving departed atmosphere of the former compositions. Amen-break and MC — what else do you need? The author dedicated this track to football hooligans from Inter City Firm, who used to “run” British raves back in the day.