RELEASE DATE 29/11/2021

Coming through with uptempo liquid drum & bass vibes, German production duo Meks Sample & El_Tronic mark their debut appearance on Live History Records. After years of friendship both teamed up musically in 2017 for joint music production and DJing. Bookings for shows in Leipzig (GER, ToBASSgo), Chemnitz (GER, N*DORPHIN), Bremen (GER, Dreamland) and Goerlitz (GER, Nostromo) made the German drum & bass scene recognize them quickly. The pair accomplished thousands of streams with manifold musical gems released via an array of acclaimed German labels including Beatalistics, C Recordings and Storno Beatz Recordings.

Initiating with uptempo drums and evolving piano pads, “Pablo’s Legacy” takes the listener on a journey through growly basslines, impulsive stab sounds paired with airy floating vocal fragments opening the world into a progressive sounding liquid drum & bass roller. Classic arrangement backed by bass breaks and spheric drums fills bestow the hardware synth-sampled sounds to unfold their warmth and completing the hovering stutter-effected vocal fades. A rousing piece that excites young cats and dedicates to good old timeless liquid drum & bass.

Worn by an unobtrusive piano melody, “Lunar” peaks with striking drums, affirming sub-bass tones and wooden pluck sound scapes that alternate with synthetic arpeggiator sequences. Like sunbeams that illuminate the moon, bright pad sounds and seeming holy choir vocals let this otherwise very moody song revive. Zippy drum patterns interacting with sublime chord sounds give “Lunar” the Meks Sample & El_Tronic liquid drum & bass flavor.