RELEASE DATE 18/06/2021

It’s the first solo mini album from Nic ZigZag, consisting of two tracks with a similar mood. Both works demonstrate a variety of approaches to creating drum and bass music.

Lost Capitan
A harsh and mysterious work that sends us into a distant unexplored space, it’s based on a true story of a man who went to search for his father. Going through many challanges, constantly fighting with his inner voice, he finally reaches his goal. Throughout the track, you can hear a long screaming reese that sounds under the light, but energetic drums characteristic of Liquid Funk. This is what lets you fully imagine different thoughts that the hero had on his way.

Aggressive, sometimes minimalistic, deep and at the same time laced with melodic motives. The name of the track is directly related to the name of the protagonist of the film “Interstellar”, who was forced to leave our planet, going in search of a new habitat for all the mankind. Enduring unbearably harsh and cruel challanges, walking along the edge of a black hole and not ceasing to think about his daughter, he still returns to the Earth, but only in order to leave it again forever.