RELEASE DATE 28/03/2022

It’s just another ordinary day and everything seems to be as usual, according to the usual scenario.
From somewhere not so far away you can hear positive notes approaching, they are getting more and more clear, and the inner voice tirelessly repeats that it would be good to just start feeling and hearing this music.
And it seems that this feeling is already very close …
But suddenly, in an instant, everything changes, and inner confrontation with yourself begins. And the same the voice inside of you keeps asking over and over again: “In the victory over yourself, who is the winner and who is the loser?”
And there is no answer!
And music penetrates deeper and deeper into your consciousness, and the power of its uplifting chords fills you, your consciousness, fills everything around…
But suddenly it either subsides in the middle of the track, or dissolves in the final drop, which … makes it crystal clear that this is only the beginning of the journey!

Release coming in a limited edition of 12-inch 33 RPM vinyl.