RELEASE DATE 04/08/2022

Coming from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Mike “Frosper” and Max “Optifiber” is a collaboration between the two capitals. Their debut LP “Disguised” is a mixture of original drum and bass vibes, spiced with new tricks and mixed in an old-school way with a modern polish. Max is a former member of a famous Russian “Origami” rock band — his skills and passion for music are embodied in catchy grooves and vibes on this record: every guitar, keyboard, pad or bass were played by hand.
As a studio engineer, Mike had a goal to build a coherent structure, design drums (lots of drums), an incredible amount of fills, transitions, blend it all together and match today’s high production standards.
All of their feelings and experiences for the past year are captured on this record.
We hope you will also cling to these threads and that every listener finds a track to their liking.
Thanks to Live History Records team, who raised the bar of sound quality and made this release possible.