RELEASE DATE 29/09/2021

Blue Magic – is the real magic (combination) of the mysteric atmosphere and pacification. Fast, overwhelmingly breathtaking, bound rhythm, with gentle accompaniment, strikes and casts in colorism that no one else has seen. Your magic starts here.

Cold Rain – is about genuine feeling of goosebumps, that takes your consciousness with sharp stakes along the entire emotional spectrum. Feel it partially or in a full range, hear the zeal of the elements, or take this feeling into your soul as the most zealous memory of a subtle and inexorable phenomenon of nature. This track will hit you with a cold flurry of drums like raindrops hit a roof tile.

Out Of Time – is giving us an opportunity to face with something very familiar and almost nostalgic. Immediate reaction of imagination is drawing a pictures of endless, high-spirited and urban evening traffic, as if all the lights of the city came together in one bright and sensitive blanket. So fresh, mental and calm. A non-obvious track, that envelops you like a wind from an open taxi window.

Chakra – is the rhythmic dance of your life energy. All the centres of the seven energies are concentrated in one composition and only you can decide whether to open them for yourself, or to plunge into the eternal cycle of the spirit celebration.