RELEASE DATE: 19/08/2019

Live History Records isn’t your average drum & bass record label. Founded at the banks of the Neva River, at the crossroads of remote styles and distinct cultures, the imprint was born after years of tenacious trials and experimentation. Representing the warm vibes and classic soulful moods of the Russian Liquid Funk music world, they’ve carefully adhered to the path which was set out by the label’s head honcho Ivan Nazin, known through his artist pseudonym Xorgen, and sound engineer Sander Lite. Encompassing both the experience and youth of newcomer Russian drum & bass performers, they’re about to reveal a project they’ve been honing over the beginning of 2019. It’s a compilation which features a range of producers who’ve been making their mark internationally. And Live History Records will be helping them do this.
‘Summer Day’ features nine brand new cuts, each from an artist who’s helping to sculpt the catalogue of Live History Records. Sander Lite is the first artist to have his take on the sound of Live History Records and he pulls you through on top of strident melodies and rolling drums. Nuvertal comes next with ‘Just a Man’, following the same heart-warming vibes. Decline’s’ ‘Oasis’ takes you down to more subterranean levels whilst Green Vibes’ rework of ‘Tonight’ cascades with pads of percussion throughout the rework. Glacier’s ‘Remember Us’ focuses on its sing-song, humanistic vocals and Meen’s ‘Trying Not to Love You’ continues with jazzier instrumentals. Up next, Vecster’s ‘Mira’ carries forward on top of a growling bassline, which adds a weight that wouldn’t go unnoticed throughout club spaces. ‘Crazy Fire’ from Decrese has a composition strung-out with fluctuating note arpeggios and distorted vocals dropping in and out of the mix. Closing the LP is ‘Two Little Mice’ from Joint Stock Galaxy, drawing you in with luxurious synthesis and creating a motion which isn’t slowed down by the track’s soft underpinning.
It’s the perfect way to wrap up the collection, redefining what Live History Records stand for. Once again opening themselves up to a new audience, their music is about to be enjoyed by the scene’s every corner.